Florida Certificates of Deposit

Make an investment for your future with a First Florida Integrity Bank Certificate of Deposit. CDs are not just an investment; they are a solid step to securing your finances while earning an excellent interest rate. We offer a selection of maturity terms at competitive rates to assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Get the security of a savings account while earning higher yields with a guaranteed interest rate when you leave your money in for a fixed period of time. CDs allow you to grow your money safely. If you are hesitant to commit, try using our Certificate of Deposit Calculator and compare future earnings.

Having exact numbers will give you a clearer picture on what your money will look like in the long run.

What are the requirements for opening a CD?

Getting a CD is easy. Simply visit one our locations or contact us. After providing proper identification, we'll complete a simple form with some disclosures and your account is opened and ready to earn interest!

How does a CD work?

You will not be able to withdraw any portion of the principal until maturity unless you pay a penalty fee. The interest will be compounded depending on the terms, which means it will be added to the principal and earn interest on itself.


At the end of the term, the CD reaches maturity at which point you have two options: renew the CD for an additional term or take out the money. We will notify you before your CD matures, and if you choose not to respond with instructions, we will automatically renew the CD for the same term.

Contact us at 877-763-0244 to speak with a Personal Banker about which product would be right for you and start saving today.

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