Florida Commnuity Bank Debit Card

The First Florida Integrity Bank debit card offers the highest level of security available. In addition to embedded card security features, our debit card offers additional features that allow real-time monitoring of transactions. To learn more about our debit card select a topic below.

Travel Safety

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First Florida Integrity Bank monitors locations where your card is being used. It is important to notify us of any travel plans to ensure your card stays enabled. Click to Notify

Chip Card Technology
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Chip Card Technology

At First Florida Integrity Bank we take debit card security seriously. Your new card with CHIP technology provides increased security at all chip-enabled terminals.

These are the key differences with using your new CHIP card:

  • Carry your CHIP card with confidence! When your card’s data is stored on a CHIP, your account information changes dynamically with each use. This is a big advance from magnetic stripe cards.
  • CHIP cards protect against fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards by providing strong transaction security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.
  • CHIP enabled payment terminals are slightly different than traditional payment terminals. The cardholder inserts or “dips” the CHIP card into the reader. The card stays in the terminal during the transaction, similar to the way some ATMs work today. Although your CHIP card still has a magnetic stripe to accommodate older terminals, if you swipe your card on a terminal turned on to read CHIP cards, the terminal may require you to insert your card into the CHIP reader. Depending on the merchant and the purchase amount, a PIN or signature may be required.

Don’t leave your card behind! Habits can be hard to break, so the first few times you are asked to insert your CHIP debit card into a CHIP enabled terminal might be a little disorienting since you have to briefly let go of your card. Just remember to take your CHIP card from the terminal after the transaction is completed.

FFIB Alert System
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Debit card fraud is a major problem around the world. In an effort to protect our customers and reduce fraud we have implemented FFIBAlerts. FFIBAlerts establish faster communication between you and First Florida Integrity Bank to help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

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