First Florida Integrity Bank offers a suite of products and services designed for businesses. Our sophisticated technology enables us to effectively compete in the Florida banking market. Our Treasury Operations professionals are dedicated bankers who will work with you to customize and create solutions to successfully meet your business needs. To find out more about these services, contact one of our Treasury Operations Officers at 239-325-3765 or email

Cash Management Electronic Banking
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Cash Management Electronic Banking, Real-time banking

First Florida Integrity Bank’s robust online system is designed for accessing Business account information at any time – day or night - bringing all of your banking information together on one easy-to-use platform. Convenient access from your PC, Laptop, Smart Device or Mobile Banking. Apps are available for both iPhone® and Android™ mobile devices.

  • Enhanced Features – Access to Bill Pay, Ordering Checks, Stop Payment of Checks, Mobile and Desktop Deposit scanning, ACH functionality, Fraud Protection, Account Alerts, & Wire Transfers. You will have also the ability to generate summary/activity reports and download transactions using the most popular accounting software.
  • Administration Capabilities allows you to create multi-user access to set up and entitle user privileges with varying levels of authority including dual control. Implementing separation of duties within your office is a basic building block of sustainable risk management and internal controls for your business.
  • Multi-Layer Security – You will have multiple layers of security to protect you through a Token Fob or VIP Access App® giving you additional safety during online processing.
ACH Services

ACH Processing

Use ACH Origination Services for accounts receivable and deposit processing. This service allows you to deposit your employee’s pay check directly into their accounts at the bank of their choice, complete bank to bank transfers, or initiate vendor payments. Collect rent and association dues electronically right from our Cash Management Electronic Banking system.

Smart Safe Accounts

ACH Block and Filter Fraud Services

ACH Block and Filter Fraud Services allow you to define acceptable ACH debit and credit transactions or block them all and return. You will have the ability to view ACH exception information presented to you early in the day to determine whether to honor or return those items. You will also have the option to reject unauthorized ACH transactions.

Corporate Credit Cards

Account Reconciliation

Used in conjunction with the Bank’s Positive Pay service, our Account Reconciliation provides functionality so you can manage your company’s assets more effectively and efficiently. With Account Reconciliation you will have monthly reports of paid, outstanding, and exception items, reducing administration costs and managing risk.

Corporate Credit Cards

First Florida Integrity Bank Platinum Business Credit Card

Platinum Business “Pay Back” Card. Enjoy the confidence that comes with using a corporate credit card. Take advantage of extra benefits such as the ability to set spending limits per card and to earn cash back on everyday business purchases. All of this with No Annual Fee.

Electronic Wire Transfers
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Electronic Wire Transfers - Domestic & International

First Florida Integrity Bank’s Electronic Wire Transfers allow you to initiate international and domestic wire transfers from your office. Wire transfers are safe, secure and immediate. Plus, you can establish recurring transfers, schedule in advance and receive notifications of incoming and outgoing wires. You can set up users with specific dollar limits within your company who are authorized to send and/or approve. You may conveniently approve wires on the go from your mobile phone or smart device.

First Florida Integrity Bank's wire transfers are safe, secure, and immediate. Fedwire, a Federal Reserve funds transfer system, is a real- time method of transferring immediate funds and supporting information between two financial institutions.

Options Include:

  • Set up repetitive or semi-repetitive wire transfers
  • Specify security levels (must meet First Florida Integrity Bank's minimum-security requirements)
  • Specify users at your company who are authorized to send and/or approve wires
  • Specify the dollar amount to send or approve
  • Email notifications of all incoming wires and outgoing wires
  • Electronic Wire Transfers - Hours of Operation:
    Domestic wires 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
    International wires 8:00 am to 1:30 pm EST
    Incoming wire transfer posting 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST
Zero Balance and Sweep Accounts

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  • Receive same-day detailed remittance information needed to effectively manage your company’s receivables. We will translate the addenda information received with your Automated Clearing House (ACH) incoming transactions.
  • The information contained in these messages from your remitter typically includes medical insurance reimbursements (including Nacha CCD+ which complies with healthcare legislation, CCD and CTX), invoice, purchase order numbers and other useful payment-related data.
Escrow Manager

Escrow Manager (Master with Sub-Accounts)

Attorneys, title companies and real estate offices can save valuable time managing separate escrow accounts with First Florida Integrity Bank’s Escrow Manager. Its streamlined opening and closing procedures also reduces paperwork and increases efficiency.

Lock Box

Lockbox Services– Bank-Owned and Operated

Remittance Processing (Lockbox) is the most widely used and effective tool available for accelerating the collection of receivables. Payments bypass your office and come directly to the bank. First Florida Integrity Bank’s lockbox system is a state-of-the-art system that provides convenient processing of high volume payments for your business. Lockbox remittance information is provided via web access to update your receivables.  The Bank’s lockbox area is set up for both retail and wholesale payments. 

Merchant Services
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Merchant Services

First Florida Integrity Bank's Merchant Services makes it easy for you to offer your customers a wide range of credit card payment options. Best of all, you don't have to worry about a national service company that can take days to solve problems. We provide the same superior customer service with personalized, local support that you know you can count on. Expand your revenue capabilities when you accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®.

  • Multiple processing methods available including: Point-of-Sale (POS), Virtual Terminals, Mobile Devices and Online Payments
  • Onsite set up and training by First Florida Integrity Bank’s Merchant Services professionals
  • Complimentary competitive rate quotes with attractive contract terms
  • Local customer service and technical support along with toll-free help desk assistance 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Competitive rate quotes and attractive contract terms

For more information on merchant services,
contact or call 239-325-5766

Business Lending

Positive Pay & Reverse Positive Pay Check Fraud Protection

Check Fraud is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. First Florida Integrity Bank helps you to develop a fraud protection strategy in two great ways to review suspicious checks daily and easily determine irregular payment activity.

  • Positive Pay is an automated check-matching service that compares checks presented for payment with checks you’ve issued. This allows you the chance to review any checks that do not match your issue file and make the decision to pay or return.
  • • With Reverse Positive Pay, no issue file is needed and all checks are presented to you to review and decision.
Remote Deposit Capture
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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) from First Florida Integrity Bank allows your company to electronically deposit checks the moment you receive them, without leaving your office.

The digital deposit is then transmitted (over an encrypted Internet connection) to First Florida Integrity Bank, who accepts the deposit and posts the deposit to your account.

Features Include:

  • Scan your deposits from your desk
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • Eliminate trips to the bank. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Same day deposit up to 7:00 pm EST on regular business days
  • Retrieve images of deposited checks (front and back) for life of account
  • Set up multiple RDC users each with specific system level entitlements
  • RDC service can accommodate as many accounts as needed
  • Onsite or virtual set up with Training provided


Cash Management Electronic Banking
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Expanded FDIC Services

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS) is a smart, secure, and convenient way for bank customers to earn a return and access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on large deposits. You don’t have to choose between one and the other.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

The Insured Cash Sweep service is a smart, liquid secure and convenient way for Associations to earn a return and access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on large deposits above the $250,000 limit. You will receive a regular monthly statement from First Florida Integrity Bank. You can also check your ICS balances and track other important information of interest to you, 24/7, through a specially designed Depositor Control Panel.

Benefits of (ICS)

  • Funds are eligible for protection that is backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government
  • No need to track collateral on an ongoing basis
  • You will not have to open accounts under different insurable capacities, we do that for you
  • You will have one relationship with First Florida Integrity Bank and will not have to manage multiple bank relationships
  • ICS offers unlimited program withdrawals when placed into demand deposit accounts
  • ICS offers six program withdrawals per month when placed into money market deposit accounts
Use of the ICS service is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures set forth in the ICS agreements, including the ICS Participating Institution Agreement and the ICS Deposit Placement Agreement. Limits and customer eligibility criteria apply. Program withdrawals are limited to six per month when using the ICS savings option. ICS and Insured Cash Sweep are registered Service marks of Promotory Interfinantial Network, LLC.


Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service ® (CDARS)

CDARS® offers multiple benefits to depositors who want to combine the security of access to FDIC insurance above $250,000 with the convenience of working directly with just one financial institution. You receive consolidated interest payments and statements from First Florida Integrity Bank.

The thousands of financial institutions that can offer CDARS are members of a unique network. When you place a large deposit with a CDARS Network member, that institution uses the CDARS service to place your Association funds into CDs issued by other members of the CDARS Network. This occurs in increments below the standard FDIC insurance maximum ($250,000) so that both principal and interest are eligible for FDIC insurance. By working directly with just one institution, you can receive coverage from many.

Benefits of CDARS:

  • Peace of Mind - Using the CDARS service, you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on CD investments.[1]
  • One Relationship - You work directly with a local CDARS Network member – a financial institution you know and trust.
  • One Rate - You negotiate one interest rate per maturity on CD investments placed through CDARS. There is no need to negotiate multiple rates per maturity or tally disbursements manually for each CD.
  • One Statement - There is no need to manually consolidate statements. You receive one easy-to-read statement detailing all of your CD holdings.
  • No Hidden Fees - You will not be charged annual fees, subscription fees, or transaction fees for using CDARS. The rate you see is the rate you get.
  • No Ongoing Collateralization - Because CDARS deposits are eligible for FDIC protection, you may not need to collateralize your deposits. This can eliminate the time-consuming task of tracking changing collateral values on a recurring basis.[2]
  • A Wide Variety of Maturities - You can select from various maturities – ranging from 4 weeks to 260 weeks (5 years) – and choose the terms that best suit your investment needs.
  • Community Investment - Your funds can support lending initiatives that strengthen your local community.[3]
[1] Limits apply. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with a CDARS participating institution. This agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds.
[2] If a depositor is subject to restrictions with respect to the placement of funds in depository institutions, it is the responsibility of the depositor to determine whether the placement of the depositor’s funds through CDARS, or a particular CDARS transaction, satisfies those restrictions.
[3] When deposited funds are exchanged on a dollar-for-dollar basis with other banks in the CDARS Network, the relationship institution can use the full amount of a deposit placed through CDARS for local lending satisfying some depositors’ local investment goals or mandates. Alternatively, with a depositor’s consent, the relationship institution may choose to receive fee income instead of deposits from other participating institutions. Under these circumstances, deposited funds would not be available for local lending. CDARS is a registered service mark of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC
ICS - Insured Cash Sweep
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Fraud Protection

At First Florida Integrity Bank, protecting your money and financial information is serious business. When armed with fraud prevention tools and tips, you can protect your money, your assets and your credit.

ACH Block and Filter Fraud Services

Protect Association funds with ACH Block and Filter Fraud Services. This service allows an added layer of security towards safeguarding Association deposits by allowing you to define acceptable ACH debit and credit transactions or block them all and return. You will have the ability to view ACH exception information presented to you early in the day to make a determination on whether to honor or return those items.

Positive Pay & Reverse Positive Pay Check Fraud Protection

Associations can reduce the risk of check fraud by utilizing First Florida Integrity Bank’s check fraud prevention tool called Positive Pay. Positive Pay helps Associations against forged, altered and counterfeit checks. As your Association issues checks, simply transmit your issued checks log with check number, date, payee and dollar amount via our Cash Management Electronic Banking system to First Florida Integrity Bank. We'll match your issued items against checks presented for payment and alert you to any exceptions. The bank will withhold payment until the Association advises the bank to accept or reject the check. (This service also includes Payee Positive Pay.)

With Reverse Positive Pay, an issue file is not needed and all checks are presented to you to review and decision. This is considered a self-monitored positive pay system. The Association must alert the bank when it declines a check.

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