Stages of Business Financing

Asset Based Lending

First Florida Integrity Bank understands the challenges each stage of business financing presents to Business Owners. Our goal is to advise and fund as you advance up these steps and achieve your business goals.

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What is Asset-Based Lending?

Asset-based lending is a business loan secured by collateral or any assets the business may have. The asset-based loan, or line of credit, is secured by the business's inventory, accounts receivable, equipment and or other assets on the balance-sheet. Asset-based lending is also known as "commercial financing" or "asset-based financing."

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Asset Based Lending

A company’s ability to managing its working assets is key to successful growth. For growth companies having the ability to leverage these assets are key to capitalizing on growth opportunities.
  • Asset based lines often offer greater flexibility than other traditional bank lines of credit.
  • Asset Based Lines are based on your companies:
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Inventory Machinery
    • Equipment
    • Real Estate
  • Facility Size: $5.0MM to $15.0MM
  • Advances rates:
    • Up to 95% of Accounts Recievable (even on concentrations & GOV AR)
    • Up to 65% on Inventory
    • Up to 75% on Equipment
    • Up to 85% on Real Estate
  • Benefits:
    • Capitalize on growth without selling equity
    • Take advantage on trade discounts
    • Fund payroll timely
    • Manage working capital correctly
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Factoring / AR (Accounts Receivable) Financing

Business owners know that extending credit to their customers is key to growth. At some point one can no longer be the bank to customers and that is where FFIB’s AR financing program can add value. Our AR financing allows you to immediately redeploy that credit you have extended your customers back into the business. As your customer’s AR balances grow so does the size your AR financing facility with FFIB grows.

  • —Why FFIB:
  • FDIC Insured Bank not a privately held company - Perception is Reality
  • FFIB offers the next levels of financing products as your company grows
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast Closings
  • Facility Size: Minimum monthly volume of $50M a month as high as $5.0MM a month.
  • Advances rates up to 90% even on concentrations & GOV Account Recievables
  • Benefits:
  • Capitalize on growth without selling equity
  • Take advantage on trade discounts
  • Fund payroll timely
  • Predictable cash flow
Steve Damon


Steven Damon joined First Florida Integrity Bank in 2019 as Vice President, Asset Based Lending and Factoring Manager. Steven is a member of the leadership team that manages the Asset Based Lending and Factoring division of First Florida Integrity Bank, and is responsible for effectively growing the division through sales leadership.

Steven has over 20 years’ experience in factoring and asset based lending, working with a number of different industries to create funding solutions for their business. Before joining First Florida Integrity Bank, Steven ran the USA West coast operations of an international independent factoring and asset based lending company. Prior to this, he worked as a senior auditor, Portfolio Manager, assistant management account and various other roles in the Asset Based Lending and Factoring industry. He has been a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians for over 15 years and achieved UK University standard Accounting qualifications.

To find out more about these services please contact:

Steven Damon at 805-728-5686

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